Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Revolution - male EDGE penis extender

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male edge

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The Penis Enlargement Revolution is here.
Combine a process that has been proven to work, with cutting edge technology and modern materials and you have a device that suits today’s lifestyle.

The Male Edge is a patented Penis Enlargement device from the makers of the Jes Extender, the most successful Penis Extender in the world...until now.

The Male Edge combines super light weight, high strength materials with more traction pressure than any other extender, to bring you a device that works quicker, feels more comfortable and delivers bigger results than ever.

100% Effective
The Male Edge works for absolutely everyone. No matter what you start with, or what your goal is, you penis will be enlarged using the male edge.

The effect is permanent and trials have shown that users who follow the training program will show an average increase of between 0.6” and 1.8” within just 4 months use.

Average long term results using the Male Edge demonstrate a 24% length increase and 19% in the girth.

The Male Edge helps to correct penile curvature by up to 90% and will help to improve your sexual health.

No other penis enlargement method has achieved these kinds of results.

A New Method for a New Generation
Penis Enlargement is not a new phenomenon; penis extenders have been used successfully by men for over 10 years.

The Male Edge is super light weight – at less than 50g it can be worn any time.
The Male Edge is super tough – made from high strength materials, it will not break.
The Male Edge delivers unmatched pressure – with almost twice the load of conventional extenders.
the male edge

The Male Edge can be worn by any man, any time and produces unrivalled results.

The Male Edge Models

Basic – Blue and White
Basic does not reflect a compromise on performance. The Male Edge basic model is just as effective, but with fewer accessories, presenting excellent value for money.

Each Basic model comes with Ruler, Rubber Strap, DVD instruction guide and presentation rubber case, as well as 24 hour access into the Male Edge forum.

Extra – Black and Green
The Male Edge Extra delivers optimum performance and is supplied with a variety of extras to help you get even more from your extending program.

Each Extra model comes with Ruler, 2 x Rubber Straps, DVD, Black Case, Travel Bag and Protection Pad.

Pro – Black and Red
The Male Edge Pro is the top of the range extender for the man who has to have the best, the extender is the same as the Basic and the Extra, but with additional accessories.

Each Pro model comes with Ruler, 4 x Rubber Straps, DVD, Red Case, Travel Bag and 2 x Protection Pads.


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